Can't get an X-Brace in..

I have X-Braces in several guitars, but own a Luna Trinity nylon model with a tricked-put soundhole which prohibits an X-brace installation. Is there a way to mount the Tonewood to this guitar short of using the blue 3M tape? I don't mind doing that, the only issue is that during a set I might switch guitars 6,7,8 times back-and-forth and flying blue 3M tape each time I go back to nylon is impractical. Further, it's not desirable for me or my audience to play all of the songs I play on nylon in a row. The way my set grooves it just lends itself to switching guitars. Suggestions? Also hate to bug you asvi see you've been asked a few times, have you rolled out CHORUS yet? Sure wouldn't mind leaving that trusty but (comparatively) bulky blue pedal at home on the studio floor in sequence with the rest of them!


For now, I think the only way you'd be able to get the X-brace in is if you removed the preamp and installed through that hole. It would still be very tricky.

I've seen people modify plastic spatulas to cradle the X-brace for an easier install. Just get comfortable with the process before you actually attempt the install. 

We're designing a new X-brace that can be installed through smaller sound holes and f-holes. When it's available, would be ideal for that guitar.

As for the Chorus, we have a specific chorus sound we are going for and are getting closer to that sound.

I'm really hoping it will be available before the holidays.

Hey Dave! Believe it or not I considered installing thru the preamp hole, but the brace is larger than the preamp hole. It would take modifications which would, I think, drastically change the sound of the guitar. Maybe the new brace, once available, will work. Until then, I can just use the 3M tape - of course I'll need to play gently so it doesn't dislodge! Oh well, it's an awesome product for my other guitars. Every acoustic player needs one. JB

The next design will definitely make it easier for the install.

Keep your eyes peeled and we'll make an announcement when it's about ready.



Cool man, I'll keep a lookout. I'm more itching for the chorus update, THAT'S what I'm looking forward to!

I am too. Everything is just about ready. We're just waiting on the boss to go out and approve everything in person soon. 

I'm really pushing to get it pushed out ASAP.

Well the bossman has himself the most revolutionary acoustic accessory since the acoustic pickup so hes doing something right!

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