Installing X-Brace

I've got hand-made guitars, and I play them either in Minnesota, where I burn wood for heat in the winter months, or Arizona, where dust from the desert is a huge issue. The inside of my guitars, ALL of them, either have fine sawdust from the construction process or pickup installation, fine sand dust that blows around in the Arizona desert, fine soot dust from the wood burning stove, or any combination of all three. All of which create a buildup which inhibits sufficient adhesion of the 4 white stick pads on the essential X-Brace. My reccomendation to Tonewood was simply to suggest that people invest all of 45 seconds to dust out the inside back of the guitar. Also, if you live far from town like I do, next time you're near a hardware store buy a small package of double sided tape similar to what Tonewood supplies. *Tonewood was good enough to supply me with extra stick pads, but with all that dust and a TINY soundhole on one guitar, I was glad I had picked some up as a ride to town mid-install was 30 minutes at 30 degrees BELOW zero when I was at that stage. For whatever reason they chose not to advise people to perform a quick dust-up, but it takes literally seconds, and nothing was more frustrating than to hear that brace dislodge, only to discover the stick pads had completely lost their "stick".
Answer I JUST had this experience! Ugh! My heart sank...

Patrick, shoot us an email at and we'd be happy to get you some more adhesive pads.

 resurrecting this thread with maybe a stupid question. My X brace came off and I'm going to reattach.

I assume I should remove all of the old adhesive pad from the magnet then put the new pad on?

I know, dumb question.....just want to be sure.

Great tip on cleaning the inside by the way! I'll do that as well

I'd certainly suggest removing the leftover residue from the old adhesive pads first! You should be able to scrape them off with your fingernail or a guitar pick.

Yes, I am dealing with this also. Highly recommend dusting before install!

The other day I also had that experience in a guitar that is almost 30 years old.
The X-brace did fall down approx 5 minutes after beeing installed.
The white pads are now more brown than white and won't attach again.

Hello! Your TWA's packaging should contain an extra set. Otherwise, 3M double stick adhesive pads will work great, you'll just have to trim to fit. We use semi-permanent.

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