Wish: Looper and EQ

I just got my TWA and I love it!  Thank you for making such an awesome product!

One thing that I think would be awesome would be a loop mode... or maybe a playback "freeze" mode.  What I mean by that is if you set a Delay to full feedback, it will play back what you played to infinity - a simple loop.  But the delay keeps taking additional input, which gets added to what's playing back and the results can get messy.  I'd love to find a way to keep that playback going independently, without accepting new input... or setup a proper loop somehow...

Playing along to a simple loop is very helpful in both practicing, songwriting, and even performing for me. It would be awesome to be able to setup a simple loop to solo over without having to use a discrete pedal and amp.

One other Wishlist idea.  A couple of my guitars have sound hole magnetic pickups that do not have EQ or volume controls.  Both of them have to be EQed pretty extensively when they run into a soundboard - for example one is excessively bass heavy.   Since I will be using the ToneWood as a DI, and since there are already notch filters, I was wondering if there was a way to add simple EQ so I could roll off some of that bass.  It would make connecting to a live PA or an Amp just that much easier.   

Again, great product!

Thanks again!

Glad to hear you're liking it!

We have several ideas that we're working with for future updates and products for the TWA, and loopers have been brought up... a lot!

These are concepts we're working with and we'll put out more info as we get closer to releasing them.

For now, you can use pedals between your guitar and the TWA to set up loops and balance the EQ for your hot pickup. I do that pretty often with my Ditto Looper and sometimes a DL4.

Keep in mind, this does change the input signal, so you might want to set particular guitar modes for each instance of how you'll use it. 

E.g. Guitar 1 = Guitar + TWA, Guitar 2 = Looper + TWA, Guitar 2 = Looper + EQ + TWA, and so on. 

Doing it this way will keep the individual settings for that input signal, but depending on how you set the pedals, may not totally be required.

Since you've gone through the Notch Filters/ Master Gain and balanced the signal from the pickup, that's about as close to setting an EQ as you can get on the TWA without a preamp or EQ pedal. Something that may help is adjusting the hi-cut parameters of certain effects. This will help roll off a little bit of bass or treble. 

The TWA isn't a preamp, but using the notch filters should be sufficient to balance the incoming signal. 

Enjoy your TWA!



Just throwing this out there, but I also run a Ditto looper in series before the TWA and can attest: it rocks. Particularly with the delay and autowah effects with certain presets, the looper has added tons of versatility to my TWA practice sessions and performances. While we are talking about pedals, I picked up the TC electronics Bodyrez acoustic enhancer ran into the TWA as well as the Ditto, this pedal really naturalizes the sound of my guitars and using it in front of the TWA is a dream in place of a run-of-the-mill EQ or compressor.

even i have been curious to use a looper(guitar --->zoom g3x's inbuilt looper--->TWA) , but the only problem seems to be the tone & the volume . Either the looped guitar part sounds nothing like a guitar when going into the TWA input (muddy. too much bass, no treble) OR if i use it into the ipad input, it sounds ok. but suffers from a lack of volume - u can barely hear the loop going on . this even with my zoom g3x's volume output cranked at max.

whhat can i do about this ? 

I'm not sure why it would sound muddy. I haven't had that problem with my DL4 or my Ditto Looper. 

The only problems I've had were volume related and boosting the Input gain really helped with that. 

Are you saying that you ran the output from your G3X to the Insert jack on the TWA?

yes, i understood the problem. usually i set my tape-style echoes very dark for use with elec guitar. i changed them to brighter sound & they sound good now. 

yes, i used the output from the g3x into the insert of TWA - but the volume was too low. I also tried output from G3x into the input of TWA on a DSP bypass mode, but the volume of fx was still too low . I will try adjusting the master gain again for this. 

btw, I found that the chorus effect on the G3X sounded really good when put through the TWA ! 

just as a fun note : i also realized that u can place the TWA on the top of the guitar & use it just like a tonerite. it vibrates the topwood continuously because of feedback(& maybe this will open up the wood grains & improve the tone - if tonerite is accurate in their claim). i guess this could be one more potential use for a TWA. The only bummer would be the cost of replacing all those batteries (!) unless u can also sell a battery replacement jack so that we can power it directly from wall-wart :)

I'm glad you were able to figure out the muddy tone issue and are enjoying the Chorus. 

Just so you know, the DPS Bypass is used as a method of muting or bypassing the DSP FX. You will not hear anything in this mode, It will need to be on one of the effects to work. 

I've never thought of using it like a tonerite, but I think it may work similarly. 



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