Using midi and sampletank

 Hi everyone!  As a newbie to the TWA and especially MIDI, I can't seem to get this to work through my iPad.  It seems to be functioning correctly.  I get a signal through MIDI Guitar 2, I have it set to Sampletank Full, I see the keyboard activate when I play, but I DON'T hear the sample sound through my guitar.  Does anyone know what I'm missing?  I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere.  Thanks in advance!

I've seen several times now an issue with SampleTank. 

Try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if it helps.

Can you play audio from other apps like YouTube or Spotify through your iDevice cable into the TWA?



Im having the same issue with using my Iphone - last Sunday I was able to use Midi Guitar 2 and Sample Tank through my TWA - today - nothing - doesnt work at all - ive deleted both apps and reloaded and still nothing works.  Very frustrating - I cant help but think there is some setting within one or both of the apps and or a setting in the TWA that is cuasing the issue.  Help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Make sure that no other apps are open and possibly blocking the apps access to the mic. 

It's a good idea to close all programs before using the iDevice features so they have full permissions.



i am wanting to get the cheapest used iphone/ipad exclusively for the purpose of using the midi app with the TWA.   Not sure what versions i should be looking at.    i will not be using it as a phone and will connecting through wifi only for downloads.


You need at least IOS 8 or newer. 

I'd recommend looking for a used iPad Mini. Those work perfect and they're usually pretty cheap. 


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