No direct contact with Tone Wood customer service !

I'm riding the fence about purchasing the amp , It makes me skeptical when there's no direct customer support, no phone number where you can speak to tech support.

For the amount of money being spent it concerns me the company isn't customer oriented ?

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Hey Mark,

Dave here from TWA.

We're available by several methods. I'm really active on my support page, as well as the facebook page so you can always get ahold of me.

I tried listing my number for a while, but I only ever received spam calls and ended up having to change my number shortly after!

If you have questions, you can reach me here, through a support ticket, or via Facebook. 


BTW Tech support is 1 person (me) and I also handle lots of other duties for TWA, so I'm not always available to answer calls as they come in, but we can definitely get something scheduled if you need.




Thank You ! I made my order today :)

Glad to hear it!

I'll be around if you ever need any help.

Enjoy your TWA



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