tonewood for banjo

Has anyone tried using the amp on a banjo? if so what equipment did you use and did you have to make any modification to your resonator back? 


I've heard of a few people using them with Banjos.

I always ask for videos, but nobody has sent one in yet. 

It should fit just fine on the resonator back. The X-brace is 4" X 4 X 1 1/4" 

Just make sure that you have enough clearance on the inside for the X-brace.



Thanks, I bought another back just to modify for this use. Since I have a pacemaker I wanted to mount the amp to back on a permanent basis. any suggestion on mounting it

Hey Gary. Submit a support ticket with your contact info and I'll get in touch with you. 

It would probably be best if we spoke on the phone about this. :)



Mine is on order. I hope to use it on a banjo and my extremely shallow body Ovation 1984 limited edition. I'll send a video of the banjo demo for you when I get it up and running.

Cheers!  Clayton

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