Rechargeable batteries

Hey before I spend $20 on rechargeable batteries (Energizer green) does anyone know how long they work for before re-charging! I usually play 20-30 min a night. I feel like rechargeable batteries never really caught on! I’m guessing because of their short life? Anyone? Bueller bueller ? Fry? Jamie
This is not my thing to say.. but this topic is about battery (rechargeable).. effect like overdrive need to be in effects section or else it blurs the line and negates necessity for having different topic section.. anyways.. since you mentioned the effect.. acoustic tend to be more subtle.. if you want it to be more pronounced.. definitely use the TWA as an effects DI unit for an acoustic amp... by lessening the gain a bit, you can put volume to max without the effect sounding like garbage.
Several Amazon reviews of the Acuvar 3100mAH rechargeable batteries say that when you test them, they are less than half the 310omAH rating: closer to 1500mAH. I do a lot of sound and video work and use AA rechargeable batteries for wireless microphones. The Eneloop have a significant advantage over most other batteries in that they are very low self discharge (LSD). Most rechargeable batteries lose about 10% of their charge a day through the air without even being connected to anything. Disposable batteries lose power through self discharge very slowly and can be stored for years. LSD batteries lose power more quickly than that, but at a fraction of the rate of regular rechargeables. That is why they are usually sold as “precharged. Eneloops are significantly better at holding their charge than other LSD batteries which is why I use them. Eneloops can be found advertised with around 2450 mAH, but I find that to not be a real number. They are usually around 2100mAHs at best. Keep in mind that most of the high numbers are just made up. Don’t bother with Eneloop Pro. They are higher mAH but are rated for about a tenth the number of recharge cycles. I’ve had a number of the Eneloop Pros fail. Be aware that LSD batteries including Eneloops are supposed to be charged slowly. I use two types of rechargeable AA batteries: regular rechargeables with really high mAH ratings that I charge on a fast charger, and Eneloops. I use the fast charge high mAH batteries for long shows where I am going to fast charge them no earlier than the night before, and then use them for one long continuous session (or with an intermission). I use Eneloops for everything else. In the case of the Tonewood Amp, Eneloops are the way to go. Most of use aren’t doing ten hours of play then recharging. We want that many hours of use spread through a week or more. That is what Eneloops will give you. I also have experience with lithium rechargeables. Lithium rechargeables hold far more power, have higher voltage output, hold their charge when not in use, and give you many hours of use. They have one big problem though and that is that what they do is give you full voltage over their entire use cycle then suddenly die without warning. I’ve been burned a couple of times by lithium batteries that died in the middle of shows even though they were metering a full charge right before the show. With Other rechargeables, you can keep track of the use with your meter. This is where Eneloops are better than lithium. With Eneloops, you can look at the charge right before a set and know whether or not your going to make it through to the end of the night. If it drops below a certain voltage (I don’t know what yet), just pop in your spare set. With Lithium’s, the only way to do it is with some sort of schedule: charge them once a week or something like that.

The Acuvar batteries are still holding up well for me. I did have to discard two of them, but the other six are fine. I use Acuvar in one of my TWAs and Eneloops in the other. Eneloops last longer than the Acuvar, but I don't have power issues with either of them. Eneloops win for me. 

I've had the Pro 2450 for almost a year now and they're still running strong! I'm kind of waiting for the Acuvars to go out completely so I can try these EBL batteries. 

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