Hardware changes?

This may be a silly question, but as an early adopter, the appearance of my twa is slightly different from the appearance of some of the twa images currently displayed on the homepage, namely the 'menu-accessing' write up on the front of the unit is changed along with some other details, this lead me to ask, have their been any functional hardware updates made to the twa compared to a model I would have received from the kickstarter campaign? 

Also, and I am sure you guys have been asked this question to death, any word on when that firmware update might be coming out? :)



Hey Theodore. 

All of the hardware is the same, we just revamped the case a bit and changed the legend on the front. All TWAs sold since launch use the same board.

As for the new firmware. We're finally in beta testing now, so hopefully not much longer!


TWA a beta tester, I've been playing the chorus effect that we've all been waiting for, and it's great. Well done by TWA folks. If you have a Fishman Loudbox Artist, the Chorus 1 sounds just like the TWA effect....stay tuned.

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