TWA shuts off by itself

I need to know if anyone has had their TWA shut off by itself after playing a few seconds. Any thoughts on why that might be? It has a good connection. I’m not sure if notching is the solution, but maybe.

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Check your master gain level or batteries.



The distortion doesn't work it's turn off. And with another effect the amp after few minutes turn off. Help me please

Please submit a support ticket and we will reach out to help you fix it.

Set up my TWA only a couple of days ago and it powers down on its own! Batteries have good voltage. . Gain has been adjusted right down to 10% but power down fault still occurring. Display has also had intermittent fault with Brocken characters. Considering returning device for replacement.

Hey Alan.

I see issues with batteries often. Which brand are you using? Have you tested other brands to be sure it's not due to the battery?

Some batteries aren't designed for high-drain devices, so when you start to strum and the voltage starts to rise, they'll cut off. 

If it's a Carbon Zinc battery, it will not be able to carry a heavy load for a long period of time and you'll have this issue. 

These issues are almost always a simple fix. Reach out to me through a support ticket and I'll reach out to help you with it.



Yes the were the it's okay
New batteries seem to have resolved the issue :-) . Need to get some good spec 1.6v rechargeable batteries !! Will be interesting to see at what voltage / period of playing time the unit fails to operate?

Bad batteries account for about 80% of my support. They are the bain of my existence. :)

Low battery thresholds are:

Alkaline - 3.1V
NiMH - 3.4V
NiZn - 3.8V

I prefer the NiMH batteries. The voltage is the strongest with these and they last very long. I get roughly 8 hours with my Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2550 batteries.
The NiMh you mention are only 1.2v. Are there higher voltage versions that are preferred?

You can use 1.5V batteries if you prefer. I've heard good things about the EBL 1.5V, but the Eneloops work perfectly for my needs. 

I resolve the problem of shut off with change the battery. When you power on the lcd of twa mark power. When the twa shut off the power was 3.5. When i change the battery the lcd mark 4.5. And the twa didn't shut off. I find the enelop recharge with 8 stack on ebay for 30 euro

Those are good batteries! Now you shouldn't have any more issues.

Enjoy your TWA!

I found the same.....if the battery level is around 3.6 or so....the unit just shuts itself off....How about a TWA someday with a rechargeable battery pack?  Ooh da lolly.....

It's definitely an idea we're considering when planning the next generation of TWA. It's a matter of getting the power we need without adding too much mass to the back of your guitar.

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