TWA shuts off by itself

I need to know if anyone has had their TWA shut off by itself after playing a few seconds. Any thoughts on why that might be? It has a good connection. I’m not sure if notching is the solution, but maybe.

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I’ve had power shut off often, I think in my case it’s because of the auto shut off when vertical and it thinks that it’s on a stand. If I have the neck tilt up too much and playing still, like in classical position, or just tilting neck up high on strap, this happens regardless battery level or type. Is there a way to turn off the auto shut off while vertical? It’s actually really annoying even when it’s on the stand, because sometimes I just put it down for a few minutes and pick up to play and it’s off... and sometimes the screen is off, but the unit is still on, so I’d have to turn off and on again.

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