TWA on Journey OF660 carbon guitar. Piezo pickup and humbacker

Sometime ago I bought TWA for my Journey OF660 carbon travel guitar. With offset soundhole it was the easiest task to install the device. And the result was cool. However the carbon body of this instrument is really thin and sensitive, so fighting feedback was a real challenge. Strangely, "search and destroy" technique was not really helpful because feedback was appearing unexpectedly at different frequencies. So reduction of gain was the only solution. TWA added some nice subtle effects but adding a heavy box was affecting volume negatively.

Still it is a really cool thing. 

One day I plugged my archtop guitar into TWA attached to carbon guitar and I was blown away by the tone and volume of effects. I figured out that this might be due to the humbacker on the archtop vs. piezo pickup on OF660. 

Finally I installed Lace ultra slim humbacker on OF660 and the result was shocking. No feedback at all, loud and powerful effects and even muddy bluesy tone on overdrive setting. TWA adds significant amount of volume with humbacker. So significant that I have to reduce volume below 10, otherwise delay is louder than original sound.

So now there is only one problem with TWA - for some reason in D.I. mode the output from TWA is very weak or maybe I missed something.

The pickup will have a lot to do with the overall tone of the TWA. I'm glad to hear it's working better with the Lace pickup. Those are really nice!!

Make sure you have the DI Blend and DI Volume turned up when connected. Also, make sure you're not set to "Mute DI" in the DI settings.



Thank you Dave! This works. 

I have couple of questions. For some reason after resuming from sleep device Gain And Volume settings are maxed out. Display reads Gain 255 Volume 255 (not 25). Is there it something wrong?

Regarding DSP bypass - what is it for? just to boost volume?

Also I cannot figure out with memory slots. If I save settings to slot 1 then they are used as default settings when device is turned on? And what is the need for other slots?

Hey Denis.

The 255 values is an issue with the labeling portion of the firmware. It will not cause any problems, but we can do a quick USB update to fix it for you.

DSP Bypass just mutes the effects of the TWA. I usually only use it when I'm plugged into an amp for a clean channel.

If you overwrite the existing memory bank, then what you saved becomes the new default. This is only the case for memory bank #1. 

We give you 10 slots per effect so you can save multiple parameters. For example, fast delay and a slow delay. 




I couldn't publish your post since it included your contact info in there.

Please submit a support ticket and I'll be in touch to help you update. 



Hi Denis 

Rob Here  I also have a OF660  with this TWA. if you happen to stop by and see this could you please show me a pic of your setup with lace pickup .

I am very interested . I also have and make Nice overlays for the OF660  if you are interested ?

Thanks in advance


Hi, Rob!

I am still very satisfied with OF/Lace setup. I am even selling my archtop now, as OF fully covers my "electric" need.

Please see pictures of the setup below. In terms of wiring - my luthier said that  output jack on my guitar was actually a stereo one, so original OF660 pickup is wired to the secondary channel and lace to the primary. When inserting mono cable - lace is activated, and to access original piezo the simple 6.3 stereo to 2X mono splitter is needed.



You may have noticed that I use nickel strings. These are John Pearse Nickel. In fact with OF I prefer nickel strings even for acoustic sound.

Hope this helps

The only problem I see now with TWA is that it dumpens the acoustic sound. I will appreciate if you share your opinion on the sweet spot for twa placement, as I am still in search for it.

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