Sample tank and Midi Guitar hookup to iPhone 7

I am having a problem getting the signal from Sample tank and Midi Guitar hookup to iPhone 7. I follow the setup in the video, and am using the apple lightning to headphone adapter, but no instrument sounds come out from Sample tank to my guitar. Any suggestions?

Hi Don, 

Are you seeing any movement in Midi Guitar 2 Noisegate when you strum?

If not, then either Mic permissions are disabled, or another app is blocking the Mic access.

I've seen a few times where people have had to delete and reinstall SampleTank for the same issues. 

If you're still having issues with it after a reinstall, submit a support ticket and I'll reach out to help.



I get no noise gate signal. I changed my mic permissions to only Midi Guitar 2. I reinstalled Sampletank. When I open the advanced settings in MG2, there is no Audio Input channel to choose. Is my iOS to blame (11.3) ?

It sounds like the issue is with Midi Guitar 2. Under Advanced settings, I have the Audio input set to Channel 1 Mono and when I make a sound, I hear it played back via the virtual piano in the app. Maybe try deleting and reinstalling it? 

If you need more help, submit a support ticket and I'll give you a phone call to troubleshoot.



I'm having trouble getting it to work as well however, midi guitar 2 works and I can see the noise gate show that a signal is coming through. When I select Sample Tank from the list and switch over to sample tank and strum my guitar nothing happens. All I hear is the TWA. If I physically tap on the keyboard keys in sample tank the sound comes through the guitar haha kinda cool but obviously not what I'm looking for. Any advice? Am I doing something wrong? I'm also using the iPhone 7 with the latest iOS version.

Sounds like the signal is not going to Samplatank. Do you have the midi output route to Virtual Midi or Sampletank?

I've tried both settings. I also turned my Bluetooth completely off and closed all other apps just in case. I'm using an iPhone 7 and using the 3.5mm to lightning adapter cable. Could this be the issue?

No, it wouldn't be as I use the 7+ with the lightning adapter also. 

Send me an email at and we'll set up a time to troubleshoot. 



it seems that i have the same problem. did you get to solve this?

Send us an email at and we can set up a time to give you a call and help you get the MIDI Guitar/Sampletank functionality set up.

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