Will the TWA work well with my guitar's pickup?

I have a Taylor 414 CE with their Expression System - it is described as: "The ES is an all-magnetic acoustic guitar pickup system that works like a microphone...".

The TWA sounds like my cup of tea - is the existing pickup system going to be an issue?


Hi Joseph,

The ES systems work great! The only one you may have problems with are the original ES 1.1 as they offer no phase control or the ability to shut off the sensors. 

All the future models have phase switches and switches to enable or disable the body transducers, so they work perfectly!



Thank you for the prompt reply Dave. I watched the video manuals, hoping to get a little more clarification, but I remain a little confused. I do see a small black switch on the pick up circuitry board - will I need to change that switch's setting or, as in one of the FAQ's, do I try that only if I am getting excessive feedback?

I also notice you are having a holiday promotion - has that date been set yet, hoping to find the $ to add ME to my Holiday list. :)

Thanks again

That's the phase switch. Try it in both positions to see which sounds better for you.

I initially had some problems with the tone on my 214ce sounding muddy until I flipped that switch. It really kicked it into gear!

Let me know if you need some help when it arrives!

EDIT: I'm honestly not sure about the promotions, I know we'll have something, but I'm unsure of what it is. I'm sure we'll be making an announcement about it soon. 



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