X-Brace's measurement

Hello, Could you please give me the exact measurement (height, width depth) of the X-Brace? Thank you! Flavio

It's 3" x 3 " x 1 1/4" tall.



Dear Dave, Thank you for your quick reply. ToneWoodAmp customer support is always on top. I asked you the measurament because I am trying to figure out how to install the x-brace on a double bass. According to the measurament you provided me, the X-brace is too big to pass through the f-holes. Is the X-Brace's plastic support part of the tone production or not? Could I remove the magnets and install them one by one inside the double bass body? I know it wouldn't be easy and ToneWoodAmp wouldn't be responsible if the devide doesn't work properly, but according to your experience, might it work? Thank you in advance. All the best, Flavio P.s. A few months ago you told me about a future release of a specific device for cello and double bass. Is there any progress about it?

The plastic X is necessary to keep the magnets from pulling in to each other. It's a bad idea to install them individually. 

If one falls loose, there's no telling where it will end up. When not held apart by the brace, they tend to pull in towards each other and will come unattached from the inside of your double bass. 

We're working on new ideas for X-braces that can fit through f-holes and we hope to have something available soon.

An X-brace that could fit through an f-hole would really be interesting to me for my archtop guitar. I have no idea how I would move it to the right place once it was in though...

That's one of the problems we're hoping to solve soon!

This 8snt ideal, and Dave may disagree, but I've got an acoustic guitar that has a soundhole design which prohibits use of an x-brace. My solution? I firmlybattach the Tonewood to the guitar with blue 3M tape and play away. Ideal? Certainly not. The x-brace's magnets pull the amp' s sensors, etc into the guitar for maximum pickup and sensitivity. You want to use them whenever humanly possible. But in a pinch? I use tape and it works, although all my presets are out the window. I have to use more gain, volume, rate, etc depending on the effect...

I agree completely, Jim.

As unfortunate as it is, our current TWA will not work with ALL guitars. 

If you're absolutely set on using it, then we recommend the painters tape to hold it in place. 

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