Tonewood Amp for Classic Guitar


Does the amp work on classical guitars as well?


It does! I love how it sounds on my Cordoba. 



Hello Dave,

I too have a Cordoba and I ordered the Kremona pickup for it as well. I am having a tough time dialing out the feedback. I have watched the instructional video and have tried searching for others that have this pickup installed, but not having any luck. I have to have the volume down quite a bit to eliminate the feedback, but then the effects of the TWA are very low. Do you use the same pickup and/or do you have any pointers that may help with this?

I have the TWA installed on a Tacoma acoustic that works fantastic.

Thanks for any advice


I had issues with feedback as well. I was able to make adjustments to the Notch filters to fix it though.

When in the Notch menu, make sure the cut (effects knob) is at 20 when you cycle the frequencies or you will not notice any difference. 

Submit a support ticket if you need more help. 

Using Notch Filers - Video



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