Beginner needing a little guidance on guitar choice, please...

Hi everyone, I'm just getting started, love what I've seen and read about the TWA, and want to figure out everything I need to embark on my journey. First, a little about my motivation. My Dad died when I was young, and I started learning to play guitar on his classical Martin after he was gone. I stopped playing years ago, when I started a family, I just was overwhelmed and worked night and day. It's been on my mind ever since, to get back to music, and now I'm ready to begin again. Instead of attaching anything to the Martin, I want to start with a simple music learning kit with an inexpensive acoustic and a TWA, all-in for less than $500 (money is tight, the kids and their needs are the priority, so I only squirrel away a little for my interests these days). 

My goal is to start over learning, and to bring my son into the experience with me. I never got to learn music with my Dad, and wish I had, it would've brought us closer together. My son and I are very close, I've taught him lots of things, and now maybe we can learn music together as beginners, and it'll be something great for both of us, some great memories to build. Hoping within a couple of years, we can develop enough skill to jam together, that would be fantastic. :)

In any case, here's what I need to decide upon and would be grateful for your opinions about...


Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric guitar to use with the TWA, advantages you feel are important to consider with one or ther other?

Which guitars I should be looking at which are well-made, durable, hold tune, could be enjoyed for years, and are inexpensive ($300 or less)?

Other considerations needed for my low-cost music learning kit that you'd recommend?

Thanks so much for your guidance. I'm sure most in this community are very experienced, and while I'm skilled at other things, I'm starting over learning to play guitar and facing the sort of awkward-feeling beginner challenges. 

Happy holidays to you and yours,

San Diego, CA


Glad to hear you're getting back into it!

If you're buying a guitar, try to find one with electronics already build it. 

Our Fishman Neo-D pickup works great, but you may benefit from having the EQ controls on your guitar if it's an option.

As far as which guitars to recommend, I'm not familiar with what is available around that price range, but I have an old Alvarez and I love it.

If I were spending my money on a guitar at that price, I'd look at Alvarez. That's just my personal opinion. 

The low-cost music learning kit is available for free on youtube! There are literally thousands of free guitar lessons available there. 

Don't worry about being a beginner, someone picks up the guitar every day for the first time. Just keep at it and never become a beginner again! :)

Thanks Dave!

After talking to a musician friend of mine, I ended up buying a Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo Acoustic and will go un-amplified for a bit, then figure out which pickup to get, install it and then the TWA. Decided based on his suggestion to put the money into a better guitar and then add on the pickup and amplification later. Seemed like a rational thought. And with the cyber week pricing, it turned out not to break the bank, which keeps me out of trouble with my wife, too. :)

Wishing all happy holidays!


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