Using iOS loopers

Has anyone experimented with using looper applications in ios with TWA? All of the examples I see are with sample tank. I was thinking with something like loopy and a Bluetooth foot controller for the iPad it could be a cool mobile setup.

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That sounds pretty cool! I'd try it.

I've used live looping through apps a few times, but without a controller of sorts, it kind of defeats the purpose... I stick with my DL4 when I want to loop. 

It will work as long as the iDevice cable is connected to the TWA.



Oh yes this would be cool. I also search for an Way to use Loopy and twa on iPad in simple way. Cable from twa to iPad to get the sound from the Guitar will be Great. MIC to get Voice ore somrthing. Sorry for Bad englisch. Greets.

i did try using the twa with garageband live loops, with the loop recording function. yes, it works great & i had lot of fun. it takes some time to actually believe that backing drum loops are playing through your acoustic guitar, but once u get over that - creativity just keeps flowing. it makes u think a little differently from regular fingerstyle guitaring, the loopy nature sends your playing down a slightly different, but rewarding path. (for example, i started creating all kinds of hip hop grooves on ac gtr as i started playing over the hip hop template loops in garageband)

SO i can say that the twa works great with looper in iOS. to add to dave's comments : " I've used live looping through apps a few times, but without a controller of sorts, it kind of defeats the purpose " . 

Triggering the recorded loops on the ipad is possible through a dedicated midi foot controller like the behringer fcb. U can connect it into the ipad using the camera connection kit so that garageband receives midi messages (loop play, loop record etc).

In garageband, since u pre-set the number of bars(2,4,8 etc) u want to record for a loop(it even supports odd time signatures !) it automatically starts looping once u finish recording.

I'd like to use Garageband to augment the sounds coming out of the TWA - but am at a loss as to what physical connections I need to make to achieve this.  How would I connect up the laptop, TWA and guitar to do this?

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