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Hi, my acoustic guitar does not have a pickup, I like a lot Tonewood Amp and would like to get one. If I understood correctly I need first to equip the guitar with a Pickup. I surfed the Internet to listen to the different pickups and was not enthousiastic about what is proposed as bundle (Fishman Neo D). Instead I have to say I liked a lot the LR Baggs M1 Active. Can you confirm it would be compatible? I understood there is a "passive" version of the M1, would it be ok as well?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Both active and passive work great. You will need to adjust the Input levels on the TWA differently for each one.

The only pickups that cause problems are mic only pickups. 



i have a Fishman Elipse Matrix blend. Do i have to turn off the microphone completely and go 100% piezo? as the feedback is very strong even at very low volume. Or would you not recommend the TWA on that type of pickup at all?

Mic pickups will cause feedback regardless as they pick up the signal from the TWA and repeat it back through.

With my K&K Trinity, I can get away with about 5% mic, any more than that creates feedback. Blending out the Mic signal and setting a proper master gain level should get rid of all of the feedback.



I bought a Fishman Neo-D humbucker pickup, as I read the single coil version will hum in certain lighting.. Neo-D works great - volume is lower since its passive pickup.. Since active pickup would have increased output.. i went with Fishman Rare Earth humbucker pickup.. got the older version with switch treble boost 2db to 20db (at least that is what I think it does) some say it's better than the newer version Rare Earth humbucker pickup with volume wheel.. I had to lower the output of TWA because i get a bit feedback from passive to active. I doubt I will need anything higher spec than this.. but if you want.. Fishman Rare Earth blend humbucker pickup (added adjustable mic) for more pronounced bass depending on the position of the mic.. TWA is definitely a game changer (Mike Dawes favorite catch phrase on this magic effects box).. and he is definitely right.
I just got the bundle with the Neo-D, and put it on my Martin D-15. While I'm mostly happy with the whole thing, I'm definitely not hearing what I hear in most if the promotional videos. Even with the gain at 100%, I pretty much have to turn the effect and volume up to about the 3/4 point. I've checked every aspect of my installation and all seems to to be "right on". I think it just may be that the videos have guitars with much better pickups. Thoughts ? Could this be all that is missing ? I was looking at the Fishman Pro-Rep-102 as an upgrade.... Thanks ! Michael

A lot of our artists are using bridge plate or body transducers to maximize the percussive response through TWA. Because the Neo-D is a magnetic pickup, percussive slaps and taps won't be as apparent unless they're significant enough to cause the strings to vibrate. However, you should be able to hear the effects loud and clear with the Neo-D just playing the strings. 

If it's defined percussive guitar you're after, look into a contact transducer.

No, I'm just thumps, ticks, or otherwise. Maybe it's just me - the actual effect isn't sounding nearly as pronounced as I'd expected. That's why I was thinking it might be the pickup needing an upgrade. I mean everything seems to be in working order....

If the TWA still isn't clipping or feeding back and you still have room to turn it up, volume-wise, it may help. Feel free to reach out to us at and we can go over a bit of troubleshooting to make sure you're getting the most out of your TWA.

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