need advice on under saddle versus sound hole pickup

I want to electrify my Larrivee L-05 so I can purchase a TWA, but I'm unsure if I should go with an under-saddle pickup or a sound hole pickup (both with end pin jack installed). my objective is to get the best tone possible while affecting the stock look, feel, and sound of my beloved guitar.  My guess is the sound hole type sounds better but doesn't look as good, and I wonder if it negatively effects tone and volume when not using a TWA.  I'm just a basement player, and I have zero experience with these things. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who provide me with some guidance.  I can't wait to purchase my TWA, but I want to make an informed decision on the best pickup. 


I like the soundhole option if you're not wanting to modify your guitar at all. 

Our B-FMP bundle is a good option for you because the pickup can be removed when you're not using the TWA. Plus, you can use it with other guitars as well. 



Thank you so much for the quick feedback Dave!  Please help with a couple more questions so I can finalize my decision and place my order.

I intend to replace the end pin with an output jack regardless of the pickup option I choose (under-saddle or sound hole).  So I consider the sound hole approach to be more permanent so I wouldn't be installing/uninstalling it over time.  Cosmetically the under saddle wouldn't even be noticeable but the sound hole pickup will always be visible. (I have a very experienced luthier that will do the install, including the slightly more invasive under saddle approach that requires a small hole to be drilled and also slightly shaving down the bridge).

Does the TWA sound or work better with a sound hole pickup versus the under saddle pickup? Are their sound considerations I should be thinking about for either approach, pros or cons?

I'm also interested in my guitar sounding just like it does today when I'm not using the TWA. Do you see any pros/cons for how my guitar will sound "unplugged" with either method of pickup when I'm not using the TWA?

Lastly, you've already specified the recommended pickup for the sound hole option. Can you also recommend a brand and model for an under saddle pickup option?

Thanks in advance for all your help. I can't wait to get this on my guitar!!!!!



So the TWA will not put out any of the dry guitar signals. All that is sent back through the body is effects only. Pickup type will not play a huge part of it, but louder pickups will yield louder effects. 

If it were me, I'd probably go under saddle, I'm not a huge fan of the look of a soundhole pickup myself either. You should spend some time listening to the differences in each pickup you're considering to determine which one sounds best to you. One thing that is a big pro is a preamp. Those make is much easier to configure the pickup output, so it's easier to configure the TWA. 

I like K&K, they're simple and don't affect tone at all from what I can tell. I use a Pure Mini and a Trinity Pro, although I don't use the Mic on the Trinity with the TWA. 

I've been looking at the new K&K UltraPure with a small soundhole preamp. I'll be getting this soon. 



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