Tonewood and Ovation Guitar

I was able to mount the Tonewood amp in a secure place on the Ovation Balladeer guitar but not in on the suggested positions for body types due to the curved back. I can  hear the effects pretty good, still working through adjusting volumes and gains to avoid clip, What is the specific  reason behind the positions suggested in the installation body types section? Is it related to sound dynamics or more to do with keeping the unit away from my body when playing standing up, sitting down is no problem for me. I haven't attached the brace permanently by removing the protective plastic on double sided tape as of yet.

Please see picture attached, is there any reason not to have this mounted here while I wait for an adapter for Ovation curved back guitars?



The main reason not to mount there is that it will get in the way. 

I've found that it resonates better in the lower bout, but with your Ovation, you're not likely to be able to find a good location in that area. 

For now, that will be fine as long as it's out of the way for you.

Some Ovations work, but it will be a very  technical install and you must have a way to get inside the guitar.  We've had good luck with the Celebrity Elite and others with the access plates on the back. Others without a standard sound hole or access plate will be incompatible. We're hoping to have a better solution soon.



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