2003 Taylor 614ce w ES1.1

So a couple issues...

I have a Taylor with the first ES in has the AA battery tube before they switched to the 9v. The tube stick into the bottom of the guitar and somewhat prevents and flexibility in positioning the X-brace. So right now two of the X-brace magnets are literally straddling the AA battery tube....with VERY little room for movement; millimeters. So with that in mind while playing it I'm also having trouble getting any sort of setting that doesn't feedback, clip or distort.

Is it imperative that the TWA be placed on the center brace in the middle of the guitar towards the back? Or can it be placed higher or lower so I can not be stuck by that battery tube? Could the close proximity of the battery/electronics be prompting the feedback issues?

Pease advise. Thanks.



You'll want to mess around with the overall position to make it work for your guitar. 

I see a lot of people offset them on Taylors with great results. Spend some time trying different positions to see where it sounds best.

If you're clipping and distorting, lower the Master Gain from Global Settings. On my Taylor, I set it at 30%, Test a few different settings to see what sounds most natural.

If the transducer cone is too close to your pickup, it can cause feedback. Since you don't have a phase switch on your ES, you may need to get into the notch filters if you have any lingering feedback after lowering the Master Gain.

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