What to order?

 I am interested in purchasing a ToneWood that will be used with more than one guitar.  One of the most likely instruments has a built in pickup (small body size Breedlove or small body Taylor) while the other does not (most likely on a Martin D-35 or a Taylor DN3).  I am a backwards/upside down fingerpicker.  I figure I would need the package with the Fishman Neo-D (for the strictly non electric guitar) along with an extra brace. 

My question is that, because I don't reverse strings, do I go ahead and order the Fishman for 'right' handed or do I order do I order the left handed item (in essence, is the issue just where the cord falls or is the pickup constructed so that the lower strings have a different receptor.

David Black


The Fishman pickup is the same whether it's LH or RH. You can try flipping it around to see which way sounds better to you. I'm a lefty and from what I could tell, it didn't really make a difference either way. 

Glad to see there is a person on the other end.  I hope I have not messed up in that I went ahead and ordered a 'Left' strumming Tonewood Amp and I'm hoping that turns out to be the 'right' thing.  Remember, I play left handed 'and' backwards (left handed on a right strung guitar).  I know an actual left handed guitar is braced differently but my hope was that the left handed configuration for
Tonewood is for convenience of operation and not based on string order.  Guess we will find out.  I presume I can also come back on a Fishman pickup on a future order.


The only different in LH and RH is the position of the screen. You can see a side by side here

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