Little martin

I was just curious does anyone own a little Martin travel guitar and use the Tonewood amp with it ? Is it possible?

I tried one a couple of years ago and couldn't get it to work due to the sloped back and small soundhole.

Ah. That's too bad. I got the little Martin without electronics and it was hoping to use that amp but I guess I'll have to add a pick up to it but thanks for your input I appreciate it
Answer It does work, I currently have TWA installed and working on the Little Martin Lx1. The x brace is a tight fit with a bit of creative angeling to get through the soundhole, and hard to get your hand in there to install, but somehow I managed to do it. Dave, I think you’re thinking of the Baby Taylor with the arch back. Little Martin has a flat black.

Whoa glad to hear! 

Now that I think of it, I was thinking about the Washburn Rover. It's similar to the backpacker but has a sloped back and too small of a soundhole. 

Does this mean it will work on a Martin backpacker guitar? You know, the sort of elongated triangle shaped mini with a 2/5" soundhole...

The magnetic X-Brace that's mounted internally measures 3x3x1.25". If you could somehow manage to wedge the X-Brace and your arm into the hole, it could possibly be done. The smallest soundhole we've managed to install one through is one on a baritone uke, but I'm not sure what the exact size was. 

ok thanks - sounds like it won't quite work then, for the martin backpacker (hey, new product idea: a very small version, more limited capability, specifically for small sound hole guitars!)

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