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Sort of dealt with this a while back but still having issues with it.. 

Love the TWA.. But was even more excited about using the midi apps with it..  My first disappointment was over the fact that  had to have an "i" device  or apple device.. Because I mostly live on linux and droid.. and windows.. I do have an Ipod touch but, the IOS was not new enough to support either midi app suggested. so basically havent used my TWA as much as I would like and in the way I would like.. Recently a friend let me borrow his ipad mini with IOS 9.3.x.. 

Downloaded sample tank and midi guitar.. While sample tank will run, midi guitar will not as apparently there is not enough processing power to run it by itself, let alone along with sample tank.. 

How much damn power do I need to run this stuff so I can use the TWA and get what it is fully capable of doing? can you guys make this work with a pc? windows or linux? I bought a 1/4" to usb interface, but that doesnt seem to work either when hooking up to pc.. I had seen that someone a while back supposedly managed to use sample tank or some other pc app with a usb adapter.. All I can get is for it to play thru the pc speakers.. but cannot get any applied midi effects..  let alone back thru the TWA and Guitar.. 

It would be much more preferable to run this stuff on the countless pieces of computer and phone equipment I alrready have without having to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on one more device just for one or two apps.. please HELP.. 



Hey Bill, 

The Insert jack is a regular 3.5MM. It will take any audio signal being fed into it.

That being said, it requires third-party apps or programs to alter the signal and send it back. We don't actually develop the apps, we just have the hardware that is compatible. Android doesn't offer support for Virtual Midi at this point, so the apps aren't available in the play store. You can use the iRig hardware and the Amplitude apps, but it doesn't work as seamlessly as it does with Midi Guitar 2 and SampleTank.

If you have a way to capture your playing, alter the signal with a program and send it back out in real time, then you can run the signal from your computer to the insert jack to have it play through your TWA. I do this with all sorts of stuff... Metronomes, loopers, even just playing along with a song. 

As far as the iOS requirements, I recommend something with a quad-core processor, Midi Guitar is a CPU hungry program. You also have to have at least iOS 8.0 or newer.

It's a good idea to close all of the running apps when you do this. It will help with the memory in MG2.  

Hope this helps.



Just want to expand what Dave, TWA guru, said... The midi guitar 2 and Sample Tank use lots of resource.. 1gig ram minimum on iOS devices.. but it's better if you get latest iOS device running on latest iOS 11.0 or latest 11.2.2. I bought a ipod touch 6th gen 32gig just for this purpose... It was USED in great mint condition.. if you want a IPad.. that would be great device to have.. more money thou.

Thanks.. Will take a look at some of what Dave said.. Got 2 ipods.. one is one of the 1st gen ipod touch but it cant update to a new enough IOS.. And didnt want to have to spend a bunch of $$$ on another device just for a couple apps that may or may not work.. Was excited when my friend loaned me his Ipad mini with an 9.3.x IOS.. dont know how much ram its got.. but figured it met the minimum specs.. apparently not.. even with all other apps shut off.. it will run sample tank fine.. but midi guitar is a stretch.. it will barely run them both but it crashes often and I get distorted signals.. 

Just frustrated cant seem to get things going with what I thought was minimum spec or just above minimum spec device.. 

Ipod or Ipad would be nice.. just too much $$$ for my budget .. even used..  thats why I am trying to turn my focus to use with one of my pc's.. Most got more than enough ram and power.. I would think.. As long as I can find an "app for them that dont cost a fortune, or one that is open source.. Would be nice if it just ran on sample tank alone.. :)

There are other apps you can use that don't require Midi. I have AudioBus and I use with system audio input and run it through multiple apps simultaneously. My favorite non-midi apps are Altispace and amplitude. There are some that are hit or miss... 

If you're wanting to have other instrument sounds instead of effects, then Midi will be required. Even on a PC, you're still going to have to spend some money on it.

I've got probably $250 invested in just apps and sound packs.


My sister has ipad mini 3.. which should work great.. but it's not mine.. iPod 4th gen can't even be upgraded to the required iOS firmware and it is only 512 ram which isn't enough.. I was thinking of getting iPod touch 5th gen but it's only 1gig memory.. hence reason I got iPod touch 6th gen... True it's small, but it's the only thing I can afford and it works great as TWA idevice.
Correction: iPod touch 3rd and 4th gen have 256mb ram, 5th gen has 512mb ram and 6th gen has 1gig ram.. got correct information thru Wikipedia. I bought the ik media Sampletank and sample tank packs (on Christmas sale) also paid for midi guitar 2.. I need to practice and improve on my playing.
I just tested on a 16gb I pod touch and midi2 and sample tank ran just fine. Worked great!

Will the IOS Midi functionality be better if not using any of the ToneWoodAmp effects?  (No amp being used, just the guitar.)

I am using an IPad Mini 2, Software version 11.4.1 with 32 GB.

Using the effects shoudn't impede with the functionality. If you're running into some trouble, please reach out at support@tonewoodampcom

I just got the TWA and have full versions of Midi Guitar and Sample Tank running on an iPad Pro. Got everything hooked up, Midi Guitar gets the signal from the guitar and Sample Tank is running. I hear the effects from the TWA loud, but can just barely hear anything from Sample Tank. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve read instructions, watched videos,... but can’t figure it out. I’m SURE it’s something simple that I’m just overlooking

Hey Chris,

Once you have your instrument selected in Sampletank, hit the icon that looks like a volume knob (usually to the right or the instrument name) and you can adjust the volume and other EQ from there. Also, make sure that the volume in your iPad is all the way up!

If you need more help, email us directly at and we'll set up a call. 



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