Liner sticker

On my tonewwod amp it has a sticker that says “For easy removal keep this liner on” I noticed in the install videoes it wasnt on

We just removed the yellow sticker from the clear plastic liner that covered the suction liner. 

Only 1 of them was actually exposed entirely in the videos. 

I've had my TWA mounted since Christmas and my guitar usually stays on the stand when I'm not playing and I've only removed it twice. I removed it yesterday and noticed the black sticky substance that makes contact with the guitar is super thin almost see through in the middle of the "sticker" and thick and "rolled' up on one end. I left the liner attached to the other sticker and am only using the one. Can I get a replacement? And can you offer any advice as to why the sticker is not holding up. The TWA seems very stable and doesn't seem to be slipping around on the back of the guitar, but that is kind of what it appears to be happening by the looks of the "sticker".  Thanks.


The grip will get stronger over time both on the suction liners and the magnets. It's not a good idea to leave it aggached for long periods of time. A few days is ok, but I wouldn't do it for weeks.

Send me an email at and we'll get you sorted out. 



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