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Hey guys, I purchased a tonewood amp several weeks back, soon after the holidays and so far I think it's amazing. I have showed it to all my musician friends and they think that it is an incredible piece of equipment. However, I have been having trouble with the tonewood amp shutting off spontaneously, even when the battery power is fine, I also have a problem with clipping even when the gain and volume isn't turned up very much. What should I do? I took a lot at the setting and lowered the master gain. Please let me know if i would have to send it back so it can be fixed. I am enjoying this great product so far, and I would like to have this resolved.

Thank you very much guys. 


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Hi Stephen,

Regarding this ... "I also have a problem with clipping even when the gain and volume isn't turned up very much."

Are you using an "active" pick-up system? By that I mean one with batteries. If so, have you tried reducing the volume on the guitar?

I have to adjust the volume on the guitar (by that I mean reduce it) to make handling the "clipping" easier.

If you're sure that your batteries are really OK when the unit shuts off of its own accord, then it might be an idea to take out a support ticket.

Sorry I can't be of more help.



Just spoke with Stephen.

In his case, his batteries were at 2.6V which is .08V each. What you see on the screen is a combinved voltage of all 3 batteries.

He also had the Input gain set pretty high, which draws more power from the batteries.

The TWA was only cutting off when he strummed since the voltage was increasedand the batteries were too low to drive the effects.

A new set of batteriers and adjusting the Master Gain will get him set back up. 



So the second I made all my installations and connections this thing stoked me out! But once I started to flip through and land on the effect that I wanted to hone in on this thing just shuts off! I’ve gone through and lowered all my levels, made sure I had new batteries and the second I start to dig into it and strum it hits some sort of kill switch on me?! What am I doing wrong or do I just have a defective TWA??

Hi Dave,

Glad to hear that the problem was apparently an easy one to solve.

Yes, for many people it's difficult to understand that electrical circuitry/components need a minimum amount of power to function 

and that too low a voltage will cause them to disfunction. They just draw more power the harder they have to work. It's not really

any different from us people really. If we've been working hard and our energy reserves are low, but still continue to ask our bodies 

to keep giving, we eventually have to stop because of exhaustion. With batteries it's basically no different.

It's sometimes difficult when getting to know a new piece of gear. The more www use it, the more we understand it's needs and functions.

In your first sentence, I'm sure you meant to write 0.8V and not .08V. The full stop got in the wrong place.

I like this forum. People get help pretty quickly and without much fuss. Keep up the good work.


Hey Ty,

Does it stay on as long as you don't strum?

What does the battery voltage read?

The TWA has a "resting" voltage and then as you strum the voltage increases. WIth some battery types, they can't carry a heavy load for a long period of time. 

Reach out to us at and we'll be in touch to help you figure it out.



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