Future Bluetooth Feature?

Hey guys, Wouldn’t be awesome to link your guitar to a Bluetooth speaker device wirelessly?

I've used a wireless system from my TWA to an amp. 

There's no reason to be wireless from the guitar to the TWA as it's only 6" away at most. 

Not to a guitar amp Dave. To any Bluetooth device; car stereo, peachtree, or wireless PA. Would be way more handy than antennae link just to a Guitar amp.

Bluetooth still has a bit of a latency when working with live audio, so we don't consider it a viable option for audio output. You could always get a Bluetooth 1/4" receiver and run that from the output, although I don't think it would work as well as a wireless system. 

Built in echo delay! Just kidding Dave. Thanks for the reply. About half bluetooths have a latency. But I agree with you. David Mayen.

What about Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from mobile device TO the Tonewood Amp essentially turning your guitar into a Bluetooth speaker?

Paul,  I have actually done this when I first got the unit from Kickstarter.  Let me tell you it works AWESOME!!!   Both as playing a backing track that you can play along with or as having it play music while your guitar hangs from the wall!  : ) It's accomplished with this simple and inexpensive Bluetooth receiver and sent the audio from a mobile device.  See the Bluetooth receiver here.  just plug the receiver into the input jack of the Tonewood Amp and adjust audio accordingly. 

Thanks DJ! I'll check it out. Does the Tonewood have an aux input or would this occupy the same input the guitar uses?

That receiver has a 3.5mm jack, I'd assume that DJ was using the insert jack. Is that correct, DJ?

You're welcome, Paul.  That is correct Nicholas.  It is fun to play with!

Thought the insert port was strictly for midi connectivity to iOS devices. Good to know it can work as an aux input as well. Thanks again!
You're welcome! Have fun!

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