Future Bluetooth Feature?

Hey guys, Wouldn’t be awesome to link your guitar to a Bluetooth speaker device wirelessly?

I've used a wireless system from my TWA to an amp. 

There's no reason to be wireless from the guitar to the TWA as it's only 6" away at most. 

Not to a guitar amp Dave. To any Bluetooth device; car stereo, peachtree, or wireless PA. Would be way more handy than antennae link just to a Guitar amp.

Bluetooth still has a bit of a latency when working with live audio, so we don't consider it a viable option for audio output. You could always get a Bluetooth 1/4" receiver and run that from the output, although I don't think it would work as well as a wireless system. 

Built in echo delay! Just kidding Dave. Thanks for the reply. About half bluetooths have a latency. But I agree with you. David Mayen.

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