Can I use TWA as a MIDI controller for software on my laptop?

I can see how to use the MIDI out to use iPhone apps like MIDI guitar and Sample Tank with all the effects emerging from the guitar itself.  I'd hoped to use the TWA as a MIDI controller, recording tracks as different instruments on a basic DWA like GarageBand.  As I understand the videos the output from the TWA is not a MIDI signal but relies on the MIDI guitar app to convert to a MIDI signal.  Is that correct? If so, then can I use the Neo-D sound hole pickup I bought in the package and plug it directly into the computer with all the MIDI conversion, sampling and recording then happening on the computer.  Haven't done any of this before, so I appreciate any advice.  D

It's not possible with the TWA. 

The midi features come from the Pitch to Midi app Midi Guitar 2. 

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