Does the Tonewood Magnetic X-Brace affect the natural sound quality of the acoustic guitar?

Hey Tonewood community - 

I currently have the x-brace installed on my Taylor 814e. I haven't been playing WITH the actual tonewood device much and am wondering if having the magnetic X-brace installed affects the natural sound of the guitar or not? I don't want to take it out if I don't have to - but there's just this part of me that feels like I might be missing out on fullness/richness as the X-Brace may be holding my guitar's natural resonance back a bit. 

Any thoughts or ideas? Anyone experimented with this?


We have not noticed any difference. 

All of the projection comes from the top moving when you strike the strings. 

Since the sides provide the rigidity of the frame, very little to none of that energy is transferred to the back of the guitar. 

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