How useful is it for rhythm players

I do a lot of strumming in addition to 'some' finger an flatpicking. How useful will this device be? What will be the downsides for my style of playing? The demos I have watched are all for finger picking.

Thanks - Michael

You'll notice it more for fingerpicking, but the effects still come through when you're strumming. 

When I strum, I usually stick with a really fast delay or add more decay to the reverb so it's more apparent. 

Each effect can be dialed to your liking depending on the style that you're playing. 

Dave, could you go into a little more detail concerning the settings you use for reverb when you are doing more strumming? I am still experimenting at this point but do not feel like I have it dialed in yet. I am very pleased when finger picking but not totally satisfied at this point when say I am accompanying myself or another singer with a song that involves some heavy strumming.



When I'm strumming, I usually set the decay to around 22-24 as opposed to 15-18 when I fingerpick. 

This increased how long the reverb will ring out which makes it more apparent when you're fast strumming. 


I do a lot of strumming and I love to add a little plate reverb, mid decay and a pretty firm low cut filter, dial in the right volume and gain just so that it accentuates your tone and doesn't drown it. For playing at my church, it has done wonders!

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