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Not getting any sound from the output. It was working great when I first got it. I did all the instructions from the videos it still doesn’t work. The TW turns on and able to adjust the controls but still no sound coming off of the output. ??? Please help me Thanks

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Make sure you haven't muted the output in the DI Menu. 

It should be on either TWA or DI, or TWA and DI. 



I did do all that. Any other Solution? Thanks

Please submit this as a support ticket and we will be in touch to help.

Frank, what did you plug it into?

Hi, I am having the same problem, the first time I connected the TWA to the PA it worked fine, but after that I have tried multiple times connecting to a PA, a guitar amplifier and an interface and there´s no sound coming out of the TWA. I´ve made shure DI mode is in either "TWA or DI" or "TWA and DI", I´ve checked all volumes and still there´s no sound.

Could you have turned on phantom power while TWA was plugged into the PA? If so, this could be the culprit. It is worth trying a different cable as well.

Shoot us an email at if you continue to have trouble.

I had this same exact problem where it worked for a few days and then stopped outputting sound. The solution was to replace the actual battery that goes inside my acoustic guitar. My guitar had the battery located right on the input jack. Once I did that it works like a charm again! Make sure to unplug the Tonewood amp from your guitar when you aren't using it as it will constantly draw power. It seems the tonewood amp simply drew power from my guitar preamp for a few days strained and the battery died. Here is a quoted tip from this site that I found to get the solution:

""Saving your guitar battery. Active pre-amps (a guitar with a battery) are always on until the 1/4" plug is disconnected from the guitar itself. Please disconnect the short cable from the guitar when the TWA is not in use.""

Thanks for the tip, Nick!

I finally found a solution to the problem. They replaced my TW with an other one. Never had any problems ever since. Going on 2 years

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