Taylor GS Mini

I have received my Amp and am noticing that it doesn't lay flush with the back of my Taylor GS Mini, nor does the round rubber piece lay flush. How much contact with the back of the guitar is necessary to have the Amp work effectively?

For GS Mini, scoot the TWA just about level with the end of the guitar. It will lay flat, but due to the arch on the back, you may notice a gap of about 1/16" on the outer edges of the suction liners. 

Attaching the TWA a bit south of the actual playing position and nudging it towards the neck will help to set the cone flat. I have no issues attaching to my GS mini. 

Thanks Dave, I found that positioning the Amp flush with the end of the guitar gave me much better/great sound results. The cone isn't flush with the guitar body, but this doesn't seem to matter. A couple of questions that you or someone else might be able to answer. What is the purpose of the cone? What causes the effects to transfer to the guitar? Does the Amp itself vibrate or does the cone do the job?

The transducer cone is what vibrates to generate the effects. It doesn't have to be perfectly flat, but you want as much contact as you can get. 

If your TWA is vibrating, then it's likely that the gain is too high or the X-brace isn't making a full connection (2 of 4 magnets making contact).

Your solution works great! Thanks

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