Placement of TWA and Adhesives

I have a Breedlove guitar. Placing the TWA was super trickey because they have the wooden rod down the back and the X-Brace just barely slides under. In my intial excitement, I placed the TWA their estimated 35cm from the bottom, given my guitar is a concert body. Nothing sounded right and the effects were very lackluster. Given the stellar reviews everyone gave it, I figured it must just be me. I tried some other placements, and found moving it further up the back (towards the neck) drastically improved the sound.). I found a spot I thought I liked, taped it and reinstalled the brace. Unfortunately the wooden bracing on the bottom of my guitar was in the way and I slid the brace a bit back instead of forward. It’s now about 45 cm from the bottom of the guitar, and I unfortunately still missed the sweet spot, as I should have put the front magnets in front of the wooden brace instead of behind. So... I’m out of adhesives and want to move it. What types of adhesives from Walmart would work because I used the replacement set and messed it up again. Also, it’s odd that the sweet spot is so far from the bottom of my guitar. I’m assuming it’s due to the wooden rod Breedloves have, deadens the resonation of the TWA, and so you have to move it more forward. This is especially notable on the overdrive. So basically, what adhesives can I use to retry that I can find nearby, and have other Breedlove users experienced the sweet spot being almost 65cm from the bottom?

The Bridge truss shouldn't affect the vibration of the TWA since it's not actually attached to the back, but it can make placement more difficult.

I usually offset the TWA a bit to the side when I'm dealing with a bridge truss or bridge doctor.

I've even flipped the X-brace over and put the magnets on the top side to get a bit lower clearance, but getting the brace under it was still a bit tricky... 

You can use any 3M semi-permanent adhesive, just don't go industrial since it can cause issues with easy removal in the future. 

If you like, we can send you a couple more sets of the stickers, just send me an email at and let me know if you need them.



First, thanks for the rapid response. It means a lot when the staff is this quick and helpful. I’ve tried offsetting it as well and just don’t like the mix of sound. It just seems weird to have the sweet spot so high up, with the cone almost directly straight under the bridge, but it sounds so much brighter and more lively, and responsive (especially overdrive) there. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced that having it that high up. I appreciate the help with adhesives and the offer to send me extra is incredibly kind. However, I still really like the TWA and wanna get it reposition asap so I’ll probably pick my own up. Thank you!

My general starting place is the widest point of the lower bout along the centerline, then I'll start to work my way south towards the endpin until I find the sweet spot.

On my Jumbo Baritone, it's a bit different, the cone of the TWA is pretty much directly under the bridge. As long as it's not in the way when you play, I say go for it!

I've seen them offset to just about every position and you should be able to EQ it to sound good just about anywhere, but keep it in the lower bout for the most resonance. 

Just make sure the cone isn't butted up directly against one of the back braces. 

Also, ask yourself if it will get in the way when you're playing. If so, then that may not be an ideal position. 



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