Ear buds in output jack ...

Made what I think is an interesting discovery.... I play with a group of about 20 guitarists in a round robin setting. Each takes a turn to play. There are about 50 spectators that often sing along with each musicians song. I can hardly hear myself above the chorus of voices. Just for the heck of it I plugged in a set of ear buds in the output of the tonewood-amp. Voila ... it actually worked. I get a good reproduction of what the guitar is doing but unfortunately it only comes out of one ear bud. Problem half solved ....  

Since the main purpose is for sending the signal to amps or PA, we use a mono output.

You can pick up a Mono to Stereo adapter (like this one) to split the mono signal evenly to both L and R. 



Thanks ... I'm on it. 

Actually this is the one that works best. Most ear bud sets are 3.5 mm or 1/8'

 1/8 IN Stereo Jack to 1/4 IN Mono Plug Adapter

I am amazed at how great is sounds especially in a noisy room ... you need to promote this feature. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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