B-FMP package

It's been 35 yrs. since I've done anything electric! I'm 90% altered tuning fingerstyle player and really looking forward to having some fun with this TWA! So...

I'm trying to be thoroughly ready when my B-FMP order arrives. I've looked at all the install videos a few times.

Do I have to do the single note run(s) for volume prior to setting Gain with the purchased Fishman pickup? Or is the default on the pickup fine and I go to getting the Gain adjusted?



There's no way to adjust the Fishman pickup, so you just dial it in with the master gain. I typically set the gain pretty high with them. Anywhere between 65%-80% depending on which guitar it's on. 

Quick response, thanks Dave. 

I saw the Andy McKee video demo where he used the TWA on his Dyer harp guitar--I also have one--was there anything different in the install/set-up for it (all of my guitars are non-elec)?

(I can see I may be buying extra X-braces!)

You'll want 1 X-brace for each guitar you plan to use the TWA with.

You could use the Fishman on the Dyer, but it would only register the strings above the soundhole. 

Other than that, the setup is exactly the same.  

Still working on the thought of the TWA on my Dyer HG, Dave.

Brainstorming...remember I know very little about electronics and pickups:

Would another surface mount pickup (because the second soundhole on the harp arm is pretty small)--like the Kremona I see on eBay--put somewhere on the harp arm under the harp bass strings, be able to be synced with the Neo-D ( a "Y" cord from the two pickups plugged to the TWA jack) so I'm getting feed from both sets of strings? I've seen Jamie Dupuis, with his outdoor videos, looking like he has something similar mounted under his bass strings.

Any idea? thoughts?

Based on a bit of research, Sixtus or Lace Sensor surface mount magnetic pickups, or the K&K Pure Bass contact pickup that mounts on the bridge plate are going to be your best bet for the harp strings. None of those have a 1/4" male plug attached like the NEO-D or NG-1 that Fishman and Kremona make for us, but if you were able to rig it up, I don't see why a splitter cable into the TWA from both pickups wouldn't work.

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