Using Android for effects

Will there ever be effects that we can use with android phones and not have to be I phone 

Not really until Android gets a bit more audio friendly. Right now there are too many hardware variables to run a stable Virtual Midi so there's not a way currently to do Pitch to Midi on Android. The TWA already has everything needed to process the signals once it becomes available.  

What you can do with Android is use the iRig hardware and their respective apps to add additional effects and loop it back into the TWA or play along with music or jam loops/drum tracks. 

For sampling other instruments like what we demo on the iDevice video with SampleTank, you have to have Pitch to Midi, it won't work with a regular audio signal. 

I'm sure it will be available sometime in the future as Midi recording is getting more and more popular on tablets and phones. 

I don't know how many beta testers there are and what number I am in the testers pool. I am more than happy to provide my feedback to TWA team.. note: I already stated in my earlier post the >25 glitch.. btw, it may not be common knowledge that when you upgrade firmware and effects, all your setting become default and you need to do 'seek and destroy' and settings on individual effect for your acoustic guitar/s. I understand the TWA teams concern that they want to release a fully 100% functioning and stable firmware/effect. battery consumption is stable. So a little more patience.. my fingers are crossed that TWA can officially released firmware ver2.60 (maybe they are working on ver2.65) and sell the bridge mute device.. by April or May. I am not affiliated with TWA.. I'm like you all.. satisfied owner/user of TWA unit.

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