Fishman Neo-D for TWAmp - (B-FMP Upgrade For TWAmp owners only)

I just purchased the tonewood amp for my acoustic steel string Fender guitar. It is not an acoustic electric it is just an acoustic. Is the Fishman neo-d pick-up required for the tonewood amp to work or is it an accessory that you can purchase to give it better sound quality or better tone quality 4 in case you want to plug it into an external amp?? I guess what I'm asking is once I install the tonewood amp on to my Fender acoustic guitar do I have to have this pick-up for the tonewood amp to work / resound or is it an optional upgrade that's not required ( but recommended if you're going to amplify the tonewood amp through an external amplifier)

The ToneWoodAmp requires a signal from a pickup in order to use the effects. With the Neo-D included in our B-FMP bundle, you'll plug that directly into the TWA.

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