Few questions before purchase

Hey there,

I am very interested in the Tonewood Amp, I think it is a modern revolution and applaud everyone who helped bring this product to life.

I have a few questions before I purchase this unit, as I would be returning my Fishman Artist amp for essentially an exchange.

1) Does anybody have any reviews/videos of using this unit with a K&K pickup?

2) Does my pre-existing K&K pickup interfere with the magnetic brace installation?

3) My Yamaha CG has terrible feedback when plugged into a PA, compared to my other cg it has a very rich low end tone, which is nice at home but a nightmare on stage. The best solution I've found is dialing down the low frequencies on my amp and then using a rubber cover over the soundhole (I use the Cordoba soundhole cover). Can I still use the Tonewood Amp despite having the soundhole covered? How does this sound? Is it still worth it?

My goal is to be able to play live gigs in small and medium sized venues (some noisy), plug directly into the p.a and produce a beautiful tone with ease, no feedback and not have to lug an amp around anymore. My thoughts are to check out this Tonewood amp and possibly get a fishman box instead of amp to clean-up my tone a bit.



I had a chat with Thomas earlier and was able to answer his questions. But for those of you with the same, I'll reply here again.

One of us on the TWA team, Dave, has K&K installed in his guitars. We wholeheartedly recommend the Pure. The Trinity, with its microphone hybrid system will work, but the mic may create an install obstacle and will have to be mixed most of the way out of the signal to the TWA in order to prevent creating a feedback loop.  Thomas has the Pure, so he won't have an issue with installing the X-Brace.

And for those who choose to use a soundhole cover while performing onstage, you're able to set the TWA in DI mode to "TWA or DI" mode, in which you can use the TWA as an effects unit and DI and it will only send the effected signal to the mixer, and not to the body of the guitar. You're also able to control the wet/dry mix.

Thomas was also concerned with eq'ing out feedback, and the TWA has notch filters for precisely that reason.

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