Ordering... different packages?

Hello TWA community, I just bought this guitar: My next step is to order the TWA. When I go to order, what package do I buy? With my specific guitar, do I need to buy the $299 bundle that comes with a pickup? My guitar has a built in tuner and such, and maybe a Fishman pickup? I am not sure though. This is my first electric-acoustic guitar. I've been wanting to get the TWA for a while. I moved overseas and want to be sure I am getting the right unit for my guitar. Any help is severely appreciated. Yes, severely. Take care, Mark

Hey, Mark. Looks like your new guitar has a Fishman Sonicore pickup and you won't need a bundle. You'll just need the standalone TWA that sells for $249. That will include a TWA, a magnetic X-Brace for mounting, and a patch cable to run from your guitar's output jack to the TWA. You can order that here.

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