Feature Request: Built-in simple drum machine

It would be great if, an addition to choosing one of the built-in effects, I could also choose a from a few simple built-in drum machine rhythms which would also play through the guitar and mix with the guitar sound. 

using MIDI programs on my phone and computer, I have experimented with sending drum sounds through the TWA, some work really well but the key is to Keep it Simple, and don't use to much low end (e.g. Toms and Kick Drum) in the mix or it sounds super muddy.

TWA is a great innovation that does what it was designed to do.. by adding drum beats isn't going to make it better, it might actually detract it from it's actual purpose.. remember TWA unit vibrates the back of your acoustic guitar to make the sound (it doesn't have an actual speaker cone; therefore it will lack snare attack / bass cymbals response. just get something like a beatbuddy or similar device that is a drum machine.
I have a small bodied guitar, and wondering if I could use a Cajon with With a tonewood amp as an amp for the guitar?

Some Cajons may be a little thick to drive, but reverb and delay will usually work okay. May be a bit tricky as far as mounting goes, but it can be done.

Would a simple wooden box with guitar tone woods work?

I certainly don't see why not! It would be a matter of making sure the surface the TWA is to connect with would be thin enough to drive adequately. 

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