Use 'Fishman PRO-REP-103 Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup' ?

Will the 'Fishman PRO-REP-103 Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup' work well with the Tone Wood Amp?  This has the magnetic pickup and a condenser mic. 

If not, what would be the very best choice for a Soundhole Pickup? 


You'll have to use your blend knob to blend out most of the mic's signal to avoid creating a feedback loop, but yes that will work just fine. The soundhole pickup you have is a humbucker. We recommend humbucking souhdole pickups because single coils are noisy and generally a bit more thin sounding.

Thank you for the info.  I do not own a sound hole pickup yet. 

If I were to buy the best sound hole pickup for $300 or less that would work great with the TWA, which one could you recommend? 

If I were to buy the best under-the-saddle pickup for $300 or less that would work great with the TWA, which one could you recommend? 

We like the DiMarzio Black Angel when it comes to soundhole pickups. I'm a big fan of my Fishman Matrix Infinity undersaddle pickup. If you want a combination of both for maximum tonal capabilities, we like The Angel System by DiMarzio.

You can install the Black Angel by yourself, but the Matrix Infinity and The Angel System will both require installtion by a luthier.

Thank You very much!  I will check these out.

I bought Fishman Neo-D soundhole humbucker pickup, it works nicely, as passive pickup it is not as loud.. so I got Fishman rare earth humbucker soundhole pickup (this is model without the mic; note two versions: switch is older with boost function, dial is newer with volume control), it’s cheaper than rare earth blend humbucker pickup (the one you mentioned and is pricier @ $300USD).. I bought USED on

Thank you much for this information!  I checked on the  DiMarzio Black Angel and on  The Angel System.  I called DiMarzio and the tech.-help gentleman suggested the option of: (From the DiMarzio sight)  "The Black Angel Piezo comes with a Switchcraft® stereo endpin jack so it can be easily paired with The Black Angel™ Magnetic Soundhole Pickup (DP234). Mixing the ambient qualities of the piezo with the great bass response and harmonics of the magnetic delivers a huge, live sound." 

These together are comparable to The Angle System but are a noticeable step up in quality from The Angle System. These two pickups are about $35 higher in total price than The Angle System. 

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