Clipping and other related testing notes/questions

Hey team,

I received my Tonewoodamp less then a month ago and so far I am pretty happy with it, I had a few questions if I could. 

1) I'm using it on my Yamaha CG122MC. I have a K&K Pure pickup installed when I bought it. I had some terrible feedback issues when I first installed the TWA but it looks like most of it has been resolved since I remounted  the magnetic brace closer to the 1/4 inch hole. That said, I am still having some feedback issues, to the point where the master gain is as low as it can go and where my volume can't pass 18 and the gain can't pass 6. I think I'm having trouble using the Search and Destroy method, I just can't seem to find the frequency causing the problem. I have it set to notch low. Can someone tell me what the average HZ to cut feedback is on a classical guitar is? This might be a better starting point for me. I think right now its in the 318HZ or so. When I let it ring out and switch through the frequencies nothing changes at all, I seem to be going in circles.

2) What do you recommend for blend settings when running through to a P.A? Has anyone had feedback issues too? Or is it recommended to just to a dry bypass? 

3) Is clipping a big deal? I've found a sweet spot that I really love the tone for leads, but as soon as I switch to rythm playing or play flamenco-style it clips and clips and clips. Does this wreck the unit at all if I just left it like that? For chords and hard strumming it doesn't seem to affect the tone, but when I play lower notes I get this really nasty woompf like buzz that almost seems to come from the tonewoodamp itself, vibrating against the back of the guitar (as opposed to the feedback coming out of the soundhole). It appears properly mounted, I just don't know if this is normal or what I need to do to clean this up.

4) Also, I am an Android user and wondering if there has been an update yet regarding adding virtual synth in realtime. What apps should I check out? 


To add a bit of ease to finding the frequencies feeding back, I suggest setting the cut to 20 while you use the search and destroy method so that it's easier to hear when you've come upon the frequencies you need to cut. Also try the notch high as well, it may be feeding back in the higher frequencies. 

The Blend setting will be based on what mix of effects and dry signal sounds best for your purposes. If you're getting feedback running into a PA, you can select "TWA or DI" so that the signal is no longer being transmitted through the guitar's body. The effects will go straight out to the PA.

If you're getting the clip message momentarily while digging in, it's okay and will not hurt anything. However, if you're getting that low thumpy buzz, I'd suggest dialing the Master Gain back a bit. 

Unfortunately, no update yet that I know of with Android and pitch to MIDI.

The ToneWoodAmp definitely has issues with feedback and clipping as you mentioned. The nature of the device is somewhat like a speaker and it's especially noticeable if your pickup is a combination type with a mic in it. I honestly have found the TWAmp really difficult to use live, not that it isn't a great invention. But there are way too many issues to deal with when I gig with it.

With mic blend systems, if you don't have the mic blended all the way, or almost all the way out, you'll create a feedback loop. Definitely give TWA or DI mode a shot, too. Running the TWA as an effects processor/DI and only having the natural sound of your guitar come from the soundhole may help you out with your noise issues.

I experienced this issue a bit, too.  I have a Fishman Prefix ProBlend pickup system.  If the blend slider is at ANY position in the "blend" area, I get clipping (distortion).  Once I pushed the slider all the way to the piezo pickup end, the clipping stopped.  Worked like a charm.

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