idevice interface won't work thru guitar

 Hello, First let me say how much I love the Tonewood amp. I have as much love for the Tonewood as I do hatred for Apple devices. And once again, Apple didn't let me down with driving me insane on trying to get something to work. I have followed the steps in the Tonewood videos for downloading, installing and opening the apps Samepletank and Midi guitar 2 to my iPhone. I have verified the mic has access to the app, turned off Bluetooth, turned on the Tonewood, then Sampletank, then Midi Guitar 2. I have only downloaded the free apps at this point as I am not buying something that I can't test and verify operational first. The Midi Guitar app apparently only allows piano sound in the free app, but I can't get that to work either. When I'm in Midi Guitar app, I have verified the midi guitar signal is going thru the app as the Noise Gate level spikes when I play a note. I also have the MIDI Output route thru Sample tank and Virtual. Neither work. When I'm in the sample tank app and strike the midi keyboard in the app, I can hear the piano sound coming thru the phone and the guitar's sound hole. But when I play guitar, all I hear is the Tonewood and its effects, no piano, no sampletank. Do you have any idea what's going wrong with this? Is there a phone support I could try that might be able to walk me thru and hear what I'm hearing (or not hearing)?

Thank you.


Please send us an email at and we'll help get you set up.

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