Connect to PA

When connect to a PA is it necessary to use a direct box as you would when connecting an acoustic electric to a PA?

The ToneWoodAmp itself functions as a direct box. Run a 1/4" cable from the output of the TWA out to the mixer. You'll have a wet/dry blendable signal, as well as the option to run your ToneWoodAmp in "TWA and DI" where the effects continue to come through your guitar's body while the output still sends a signal to the PA or "TWA or DI" where the effects through your guitar are bypassed and you hear the effects through the PA.

The ToneWoodAmp supplies a fairly "hot", unbalanced output.

If you are needing to connect to a microphone input on a mixer (XLR connection), you will need a 1/4" to XLR adapter and you should turn the DI Level down so as not to overload the mixer input.

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