non-electric nylon string installation

I have a non-electric nylon string Yamaha that I just love.  It does not have any holes for plugs.  I would like to install the TWA on this guitar.  What would I have to do?


For people with nylon string guitars who do not have a pickup already installed, we offer the B-KNG bundle which includes a ToneWoodAmp and a Kremona NG-1 tie bar pickup. This pickup is installed easily with no modification to your instrument and without the need to take your guitar to a luthier. You can find that bundle here

Does this involve drilling a hole into the guitar (where usually acoustic/electrics have a plug)?

It does not. Kremona makes a cable specifically for us to reach from the pickup on your bridge to the TWA externally.

I don't have a pickup on the bridge.

The Kremona NG-1 included in our B-KNG bundle for nylon string acoustic installs on the tie bar of the bridge underneath the strings. The cable I was referencing would go from this pickup to the TWA.

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