Which IPAD to use?

My current IPAD is an IPAD 2,  and it seems to be lacking the processing power to correctly run MIDI Guitar 2.

If I purchase an IPAD Mini,  would a 3rd Gen how the increased processing capability to hand the iOS apps with the Tonewood Amp ?


A fourth gen iPad at minimum is required for MIDI Guitar two. The following is pasted from Jam Origin's website

"IMPORTANT: MIDI Guitar 2 is very CPU hungry –  especially if you add amp and effects. Luckily Apples newer chips are  also blazing fast. Using MIDI Guitar’s built-in synths and guitar amp  and effects together you need a new iOS Device (iPad Air or iPhone 6),  but if you only use the MIDI output to play external synth external apps  (including Garageband), you can get away with an iPad 4 or IPhone 5.  MIDI Guitar’s internal modules are more CPU-hungry because it will  process everything on one CPU core. Contrary, if you play an external  synth you can utilise both CPU cores and sustain higher loads. We will  try to improve CPU efficiency further in the future."

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