Background noise issue using Midi Guitar II and Sampletank app on Ipad mini

First, I must say that I thoroughly enjoy using my Tonewood Amp. It has transformed my practice and writing sessions. My only wish is that I would love to bring my TWA/midi guitar joy to my live performance. The issue is while I am using the Midi Guitar II and Sampletank apps, background noises (conversation, etc) are picked up by my IPad and also converted to midi and "played" along with my performance adding noise to the overall output. Is there something I am overlooking in the setup operation to alleviate this problem? I tried covering up the mic/speaker on my IPad with tape and other materials but it does not seem to reduce the noise. Any advice would be helpful. Either way, your product is incredible!!! Thanks, Michael

Are you using the iDevice that we sell or a different one? The way ours are wired, the mic in your iPad should be disabled. 

And what kind of pickup are you using? I spoke with somebody recently who was having the same issue. They were using a mic blend system and the mic was picking up ambient noise. They blended out the mic signal and they solved their noise issue.

Thank you, Nicholas. I am attaching my tonewood amp to a Martin OMCE which utilizes a Misi piezo saddle pickup. When I speak into the guitar, my voice is not really picked up unless I scream at the top of my lungs and even that only produces a minimal amount of noise. I use an IPad Mini which I have downloaded Midi Guitar II and Sampletank. Everything functions nicely. When I speak in to Mic of the Ipad, it is broadcast through the apps and out of my guitar via the tonewood amp. After sending you my first message, I focused on trying to cover up the mic completely with my finger so that it was completely sealed and it did work at stopping noise from coming into the system and everything else still functioned. When I tried to cover it up before with tape and similar substances, they did not act enough as a buffer. I am now working at finding something that is flexible yet dense enough to adequately buffer sound that I can easily put in place over the mic and remove it without damaging and/or leaving residue in the mic screen.

Ah okay, so it's certainly not the piezo. Hopefully you figure out how to reduce the noise. Our iDevice cable is wired to avoid that problem, just in case you cant!


i am also having this problem,i have the i device adaptor  bought from yourselves with a jack to lightning adaptor on it into an iphone 7 plus but it picks up audio from the iphone mic no matter what i do?

Just posted a similar issue with my voice miked and amplified. Getting extraneous MIDI hits triggered by that. I’m using a piezo acoustic electric that’s picking my voice up in the sound hole, apparently.

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