Small zippered bag for ToneWood Amp


In case anyone is interested, I found a small zippered bag that perfectly fits the ToneWood Amp. It's  $8 on Amazon. It is the ERCRYSTO Universal Electronics/ Accessories Soft Carrying Case Bag (Small).

It has a main compartment that fits the ToneWood, and two mesh pockets, one of which I use for the cable.

Looks good!

The link I tried to include does not seem to work. Here it is in plain text:

Apparently ToneWood does not allow links to external sites (which is reasonable — neither does Amazon), so the link above does not work. If you search on Amazon for the ERCRYSTO Universal Electronics/ Accessories Soft Carrying Case, you should find the item pictured. I bought the one circled in red.


Guess I was too hasty. When the link I posted yesterday did not appear, I posted the screenshot of the Amazon page today, thinking that external links were not allowed in this forum. Then both appeared simultaneously this afternoon.

Thanks for posting this. I just ordered one.

Thanks for posting that suggestion -- I ordered it even before my TWA arrived, and everything fit just perfectly.  I ordered the slightly more expensive version with the two pouches -- the smaller one for the TWA and cables and spare batteries, and the larger one other accessories to keep organized when traveling.  For the price, it's a great bargain!

Great find, I am interested in purchasing.

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