Small zippered bag for ToneWood Amp


In case anyone is interested, I found a small zippered bag that perfectly fits the ToneWood Amp. It's  $8 on Amazon. It is the ERCRYSTO Universal Electronics/ Accessories Soft Carrying Case Bag (Small).

It has a main compartment that fits the ToneWood, and two mesh pockets, one of which I use for the cable.

Looks good!

The link I tried to include does not seem to work. Here it is in plain text:

Apparently ToneWood does not allow links to external sites (which is reasonable — neither does Amazon), so the link above does not work. If you search on Amazon for the ERCRYSTO Universal Electronics/ Accessories Soft Carrying Case, you should find the item pictured. I bought the one circled in red.


Guess I was too hasty. When the link I posted yesterday did not appear, I posted the screenshot of the Amazon page today, thinking that external links were not allowed in this forum. Then both appeared simultaneously this afternoon.

Thanks for posting this. I just ordered one.

Thanks for posting that suggestion -- I ordered it even before my TWA arrived, and everything fit just perfectly.  I ordered the slightly more expensive version with the two pouches -- the smaller one for the TWA and cables and spare batteries, and the larger one other accessories to keep organized when traveling.  For the price, it's a great bargain!

Great find, I am interested in purchasing.

For those in the UK, this case is just the right size right for the Tonewood amp, cost £8.29, variety of colour zips.

This is:  deleyCON Case For Navigation Devices Navi Case - GPS up to 6" & 6.2" (17x12x4.5cm) Robust & Shockproof 1 Inner Compartments Net Pockets - Blue

No connection with Amazon or the makers. These fantastic Tonewoods are worth looking after.


This is great!  I'm going to try to find one here in the US.

Since I could not find the "deleICON" on Amazon USA, I tried a different case from Amazon Basics:

Amazon Basics Hard Travel Carrying Case for 5 Inch GPS, Black

It fits the TWA very snug with space to carry the batteries on the top lid mesh pocket, but the TWA has to be face down otherwise it doesn't fit... is not great but better than just a bag... I do not plan for it to be banged around, will likely carry I in my back pack...


   I did cut some styrofoam looking bags to add under the TWA and another piece on the mesh pocket for the batteries so that they are not just loosely banging around, as an extra padding...

   Hope this helps others...

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