Nylon string guitar connection

I am still trying to understand how the nylon string bundle works, and how it is installed.  If I put the Kremona whatever on my non-electric Yamaha classical guitar, will I have to drill a hole?  If not, how is it attached?  How much does the package cost?  And no, I don't want to go through the order procedure to find out.


We specifically chose pickups that do not require permanent modification or a trip to your luthier to install. The Kremona NG-1 pickup installs underneath the strings on top of the tie bar. You can see what that looks like here.  Our bundles sell for $299 plus shipping.

Nicholas:  I'm sorry I'm so dense, but I still cannot grasp the concept.  Looking at the picture, I think the Kremona is too thick to fit under my strings (Yamaha classical guitar) and I am simply unable to understand if the pickup isn't attached in any fashion to the TWA, how does the sound get to the TWA?  If the TWA picks up the sound from the body of the guitar, what on earth do I need the Kremona for?  I am simply baffled.

TWA requires a signal from a pickup in order to function. You can see a picture of how the Kremona installs here. As long as you loosen the strings, or install during a string change, it will fit.


I am not trying to be difficult.  I genuinely want to buy your product, but I am still unable to understand.  Please look at the attached picture of my Yamaha's bridge.  There is no room for the Kremona.  Also, if there is no connection between the bridge and the TWA, how does it work?  Does the Kremona (without any visible power source) somehow broadcast a signal to the TWA? How does it get a signal from the pickup without any connection? This just doesn't make any sense to me. 



The Kremona would sit right on top of the tie bar (with the white binding), right behind your saddle. Looks like it should fit alright!

It's not pictured, but is a cable that goes between the pickup and the TWA.


Thanks.  I am beginning to get it.  Where does the wire run?  Does it run outside the guitar to the device or to the 'X' thing inside?


It would run externally. If you want something with internal wires and an endpin jack, you'd have to look into other pickup options that would likely require modification to your instrument.

How much for the amp, and pickup to run under the bridge of a Martin Backpacker with nylon strings? total?

I'm not certain if the 3x3x1.25" X-Brace will fit through the soundhole, but if you could manage to fit that and your forearm in through the soundhole it may work. We don't offer undersaddle pickups. The only pickup we offer for nylon string is the Kremona NG-1. TWA runs $249 at without a pickup. The B-KNG bundle that includes the Kremona is $299.

So, this is finally becoming clear.  If I still want the TWA, how would I have my local luthier install it so the wire did not run outside?  There is no button for supporting a strap.  Is this something, with a drill, I could handle on my own?

Hi, now we're cookin'.....can the Tonewood be attached

by some adhesive means rather than struggling with an "X" brace?

I'd recommend taking to your local luthier for both. He could install a pickup with an endpin jack you can hang a strap on. The only external wire at that point would be a short cable from the endpin to TWA, but it would be from the butt end of the guitar to TWA and not a wire hanging across your guitar's top.

Seward, I wouldn't recommend it in the event that you need to remove your TWA for any reason. Anything strong enough to hold it against the guitar as firm as it can be, adhesive-wise, would likely damage your finish.


Thanks for the reply. I'm going to have my luthier install an endpin.  What will the end of the wire from the Kremona (the end that goes into the TWA) look like?  When I don't have the TWA attached, can I stuff part of that wire back into the endpin hole so it (or the plug) doesn't flop around and scratch the finish of my guitar?  My guitar case is extremely tight with very little tolerance for anything around the periphery of the guitar.


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