Nylon string guitar connection

I am still trying to understand how the nylon string bundle works, and how it is installed.  If I put the Kremona whatever on my non-electric Yamaha classical guitar, will I have to drill a hole?  If not, how is it attached?  How much does the package cost?  And no, I don't want to go through the order procedure to find out.

So, I went to my luthier today.  He's never done one of these, but he is intrigued and thinks he can handle it.  After we discussed it, we figured that we will have to drill 2 holes-- one for the end pin and one in the bridge for the wire from the Kremona pickup.  Is that correct?  Please share a picture of what the connections from the Kremona to TWA would look like so I can show it to my luthier.


The Kremona NG-1 was designed to be external. I'd advise a different pickup if you'd like no visible pickup wires. Check out the K&K Pure Mini. This installs with glue on the bridge plate of your guitar and would only require your luthier drilling the hole for the endpin jack. There are pictures on K&K's site of how it would look internally. 

When you don't have TWA attached, simply unplug the patch cable and pack it away with the TWA and your guitar will have no external wires whatsoever.

That sounds like a good idea, but I have to ask, what is the difference in tone quality between the Kremona and the K&K Pure Mini?  Thanks.

Oops.  I just read the K&K Pure Mini link that you sent me and it specifically says for "steel string guitars".   I like the set up, though.  Is there any reason I couldn't use some adhesive and stick the Kremona under the bridge inside the body of the guitar?

My apologies, the K&K Pure Classic is the way to go for a nylon string. I'd recommend watching demo videos on YouTube to compare the tone between the two.

Kremona also offers a contact style pickup that installs internally, however it uses a soft adhesive between the bridge plate and the pickup and soft material doesn't make for the best transfer of vibration. 

Wow. With $250 for the TWA and $174 for the K&K, that's getting pricey.  I may still do it, but I think I will go back to my luthier first and ask about other under-the-bridge pickups.

There's certainly a huge world of pickups out there that will work for you. The Kremona is affordable and works great, but when it gets into having a luthier install something to hide wires, the cost will add up. 

K&K is just a good sounding option that's minimally invasive.

My best suggestion would be to check out lots of options. undersaddle piezos, contact pickups, etc. Watch youtube and check forms for what people are digging on their nylon string guitars. Mic systems wont work, however, just a heads up.


Sorry it has taken me time to get back to you.  I broke my wrist (I have 3 to 4 weeks of mending to go).  Since I want to conceal the wires, I am now looking at installing LR Baggs IBeam Classical Guitar Pickup Nylon String  .  Will this work with the TWA?  Do I need a pre-amp or does the TWA act as one?  Thanks.

The IBeam should work great! You can dial in the gain on TWA to best suit the pickup's output level. The passive version with no preamp will be totally fine for the TWA, no preamp required. 

Sorry to hear about the wrist, hope you have a speedy recovery, Kevin!





My LR Baggs is being shipped to me.  I want to buy the TWA without the Kremona.  That's not listed as a choice when I go to order.  Also, how much is the nylon string TWA without the Kremona?



There's no difference in the TWA itself between the nylon string and steel string bundles, just the pickup. You'll need the "ToneWoodAmp For Electro-Acoustic Guitar".

I installed this LR Baggs system in my Cordoba C3M myself ! Works great ! All it takes is a little common sense and a steady hand with a drill. There are excellent instructions on the LR Baggs Website.

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